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What a year so far!

Lets start with the covid. It is here and so are we. During this time of unrest and troubled time we as a family owned company have work to stay up on both feet. The support from everyone who has continued to support Profile Coffee and Cherokee Tap Room have given us the power and will to keep going. We have completed some new projects. Some which are being used today and some that will be used this winter and some great ideas for next spring and summer. Our staff have been stepping up to the plate also by following the rules the state has put in place. They really do care about you.

Some new things you have seen is our drive thru at the coffee shop. This is our way of moving the business forward and even thou it has a couple bugs to work out it has been going well. this month we have been doing a breakfast special online and thru the drive thru which we have seen some many new customers. Thanks for trying us out. Also at Profile Coffee we have been bring new items to the café with Oatmeal cups, Chicken sandwiches (made with the help from Cherokee Tap Room) and Our staff has created the new Fall Drinks for you to enjoy.

Here is one of the awesome drinks at the coffee shop this fall.

So back to the Taproom and Grill.   Chad has been doing a great job of new cocktails for the fall season. 

Below is the menu.


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