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Some exciting news

Over the last week we were given permission to sell cocktails to go and outside seating. This is great news for us since we are close to Montour county but yet still in the YELLOW phase. With the limited seating at restaurants happening,  we will still be offering our great food choices and new drink (cocktails) to go. Check out our menu (which is pinned to the top of our Facebook page weekly) to see the great new choices you will have for the week.  This will include our only here Pan Pizzas on Sunday nights and the fresh cocktail list. Cocktails to go are for sell in 12 oz. and 32 oz. sizes. Straw not included per the state rules, HAHAHA. But in all seriuosness dont drink and drive. We want you to come back for another visit in one piece.


Here is some new updates you will see once we are reopened for seating. this is a start and we will be moving this to the grass on the side soon.

Our new private back room, enclosed, and able to seat upto 16 total. Able to close the doors too.


This will soon be our new upstairs room for private events.

And Finally we have rodone our bar top in a darker color with a cherokee stripe.

Please understand this photos are showing progress and not finished rooms.


Thank you for your support, Andy

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