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New Year, New You, New Us

Join us for what seems to be another great year. We are looking to do some more events from last year like the cornhole night indoor and maybe one or two outdoors. We will be having more supper clubs and the other events will do to create a better place to enjoy. Last year we built the new bar, cooler, added new tables, chairs and even a tv or two. Our draft list is now over the drafts so it is easier to see (and larger print). The draft board is thanks to Dvelopd LLC. A local company that is creating great apps and programs.

So with this lets give you some info on our upcoming events and things of interest. Little late for today, But we are having pizza tonight and tomorrow. I will be having about 10 whisky events this year with the first happening on January 15, A scotch tasting. After that we will be having our dogfish Flight event, founders flight event and maybe some other beers that are hard to find specials. Wine night? Lets not forget our love for wine. We will be having our first wine and cheese. Details are not final yet so keep this in mind as we will be able to get some great, hard to fine wines. 

This year we will be also promoting our wine retail area more. Please keep us in mind for those special wines that are not for sale in the Fine Wine, mini markets and super markets. We pride ourselves on carrying specialty wines, So check us out for some. Looking for something we don’t carry in the wines let us know we may be able to order it for you. Also as many don’t know we do offer bottles for sell when you are in for dinner. Take home what you don’t finish. Ends up being a great night. 

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