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Labor Day! End of Summer

With the warmer weather I wanted to give you a heads up. The back porch area is about done as far as it will be this year. Thank you for your patience while I got some of the work done. There is four picnic tables out there so please enjoy them if they are open of seating. With that being said I am checking out about having a small acoustic music out there soon. It will be a lite music affair so keep your eyes open when that comes.

also we have just installed the first part of the new sign out front today. The lights and power will be installed tomorrow. and check out our new find from under the other signs.  This will make it into the building at some point soon. I hope the improvements on the parking. The lights have helped and I think you can fell better about seeing in the night know that it will start getting dark earlier.

Andy, Michelle and  Parker

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