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Gin and Tonic Night TOMORROW!

Come enjoy some craft Gin & Tonics this Thursday with your friends, and our Gin Connesurier, Chad, from Cherokee Tap Room and Grill! This is not the gin you stole from your grandparents when you were a kid. All of our extra ingredients are made in house and fresh.

We will have :

A classic with a gin that is rated #1 in most countries around the world

A floral & smooth to give relaxation at the end of the work week

A crisp & refreshing with a gin that has the most personality out of any we have

A fruity & fun to kiss summer goodbye (trust me we don’t want to rush that)

An Old Tom gin which is an old style with unique taste that we use to welcome autumn

Try one or try them all! We will also offer a flight of 4 (your choice) if you can’t decide what to try. And just remember… Gin was just flavored vodka before vodka was even a thought.

See you Thursday,

Cherokee Tap Room

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