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Coffee and Cocktails !!

Did you know we own a coffee company? Many of our friends know this already. If you did not know check us out here at Profile Coffee and Roasters. With that being said we are combining the two business for a coffee and cocktail event. This will include our wood roasted espresso and our in house roasted Honduras coffee. Some of the drinks we will be serving in this 5 course cocktail event will be Despacito, Insalata Carciofo, Maple rye Whiskey Coffee, Portuguese Coffee and A Dolce Cocktail. I have the picture down below this post for you to see.

Here is the event page from Facebook!!

We also have some other great events coming up and they will include:

Gin and Tonic Night September 12

Tequila Night September 17

Pennsylvania Spirits

World Whiskies

Blind Whiskey tasting event

Even thou some dates are not finalized yet keep them in mind.