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A Much Needed Update.

We are still here and even thou we can only do take-out service we are thankful for our friends. This has been a great learning experience for me on the business side and personal side also.

On the business side we are doing some remodeling of our back room, new windows, a new wall and some new colors. This room is going to become a smaller room for rent ( i.e. groups smaller than 16). We will be able to close off the room for privacy and have a more intimate dining experience.  If you are looking for a small group of friend to enjoy the new room conatct us at today.  We are still working out some for the details for rental but are looking forward to having something new for everyone to enjoy.

On the personal side I have had a lot of time home with our son. So now I understand the stay at home dad thing. It is pretty cool. We have gone for walks, build a gate for the garden, delivered paper goods to businesses and lot of other cool stuff. This is going to be a great memory so the Nova Corona 19 virus is never going to take us down as a bummer.




Keep Safe everyone, follow the rules and don’t worry about us here at Cherokee Tap Room and Grill. We are going to keep strong and be even stronger once we return to full service in a few weeks.


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