This week join us for some hard to find beers.

This week we will be putting some great Founders Brewing Beers on for the week to celebrate Independence day. Starting July 3 till July 8, KBS (Kentucky Bourbon Stout), CBS (Canadian Bourbon Stout), Dank wood and Curmudgeon will be on draft. Solid Gold has been on for the last week and It is selling great. There will be flight specials for 15 dollars each or pints for 8 dollars. You will not find this anywhere else for the special price so get it while it is available. 


Along with these we have some new cocktails out for the rest of summer. I tried each one on Sunday and they are wonderfully refreshing. My favorite is the Vodka Cucumber, lime, Oolong ice tea. Never heard of this one yet. Well as always we are bringing some new drinks and ideas to the area for your pleasure. We also have some Mules coming and another Margarita too. Keep paying attention here or our Facebook/Instagram pages for updates.


Keep cool my Friends..



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