Countdown to this event is happening here…  21 days.   I have been out looking for some more bottles and even thou they are not in the stores here I found them, plus a new one.  A Nikka  Pure Malt Japanese whisky which we will have that night also. ( not included in the ticket price or tasting) but will be for sell at a discounted price. Don’t forget to also pick up the ticket
Looks like I will have a nice little list of events coming up soon. Nov 2 starting at 4 pm we will be having a Día de Muertos event. Come out for a night filled with Mexican fare, Cocktails, Costumes & Fun, as we celebrate the Mexican holiday known as Day of The Dead. Join our staff Friday November 2nd & come dressed in costume as sugar skulls!!!! On display in our building we will
We have some updates on our Japanese Whisky Tasting and Pairing. The cost for this event will be 22.00 dollars per person. You will receive a sampling of three Japanese whiskies and food pairing with them. Suntory Toki  and Chocolate Suntory Harmony and Lobster Bisque Nikka Single Malt and Steak Each Japanese whiskey served will be .5 ounce serving. Ever ticket buyer will be able to purchase at a special price a 1 oz. pour