T.G.I.T Tacos Specials

Once a week we are thankful to make it thru the first two workdays. This is the sole purpose of TGIT. Visiting us on Tuesday night will be enough to help you thru the rest of week.

Weekly Specials

This is where we will offer new item which may be added to our main menu. Look here for the newest items our executive chef and crew have been creating. These are sure to knock you socks off.

Monthly Menu

This is our main menu which has been evolving  for since we opened in April. These have and we continue to be the main stay of our location. Some may change over he seasons but they will always be in our stomachs as favorites.

Kids Menu

Great lighter item for the children in the family. Don’t forget the s’mores at the end of the meal for them.

Sunday Brunch menu

Sunday is fun day. This is our special menu for this day only. A few are here from the main menu but alwys look for the different ones that make our Sunday the best.